Start Your Career, No Matter Where You Are Starting From

We help entry-level job seekers start meaningful careers by helping them identify, market and find jobs using the intangible, transferable skills they have proven through their education, jobs and volunteering.

We help companies find entry-level candidates with the personal and professional characteristics that will make them valuable, long-term hires.

We Connect Job Seekers and Companies Using These Things:
Ability to Communicate Complex Ideas
Ability to Deal with Uncertainty
Ability to Self-Manage
Ability to Sell
(an idea, a product / service)
Ability to Work Across Cultures
Ability to Work in a Team
Attention to Detail
Decision-Making Skills
Leadership Skills
Management Skills
Problem-Solving Skills
Quantitative Thinking
Reliability / Follow-Through
Research & Analysis
Assess Yourself
Discover the core, transferable skills that you can bring to a job - any job - through a reference-based assessment of your education, volunteering and work experiences. Develop your story and better position yourself for your career – even if you don’t have the previous experience or the network to “get you in.”
Sell Yourself
Bolster your personal brand with a web page and supplement to your resume that highlights and makes tangible, the otherwise intangible value that you can bring to employers. Find jobs at companies where your soft skills and attitude will lead to success.
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Helping Companies
Find Passionate, Driven Candidates
Candidates on are actively working to prove their value to employers. They are recession grads, veterans, and people with unique, non-traditional backgrounds that know in this economy they need to keep performing or they risk falling behind. We'll help connect you with these young professionals who have the potential to be your next generation of leaders.
Evaluate The Intangibles
Through references and self-assessments that matter… with candidates' soft skills and attitude identified and ranked by references, supported by user and reference-written commentary. We've cut out the fluff, and are focused only on the core skills that truly define a candidate.
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